Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota


Fostering for GPA MN

Fostering is the lifeblood of GPA MN!

Some other GPA chapters and other organizations have kennels where they keep the hounds waiting to be adopted; GPA does not! We are the only greyhound adoption group in Minnesota that fosters every dog that comes into our organization. Without fosters we can't bring in more retired greyhounds from the tracks to place with their forever families. Foster Snuggles.jpg Additionally, our fosters are able to report on the personality of the hounds in their care, which greatly helps in our matching process, so that the right hound goes to the right family.

Fostering is not difficult, but there are requirements:

  • You need to be familiar with greyhounds. If you don't currently have a greyhound we ask that you complete the same required reading that an adopter must complete before bringing a dog into their home
  • You will be responsible for making vet appointments for the post-track checkup. GPA MN covers the cost of this appointment, and subsequent medical costs while you have the foster in your care
  • You are responsible for bringing the hound to meet potential adopters 

So, how do you become a foster for GPA MN? It's easy:Fostering 2.jpg

Step 1: Do your required reading
Step 2: Complete the online fostering application
Step 3: After we receive your application our Foster Coordinator will contact you to set up a time to chat about fostering for GPA MN
Step 4: When your application has been approved our Foster Coordinator will be in touch when we are in need of homes for incoming hounds

Ready to apply to be a GPA foster?  Click the link below:

So you're fostering... What next?Dixie.jpg

We ask that you complete a foster hound profile form about 10-14 days after the hound arrives in your home. Tell us how your hound is doing, what are its quirks, likes, dislikes, etc.  You can come back and amend your hound's information at any time.