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Heal a Hound Fund

What is the "Heal a Hound Fund"GPAMN-HealAHound-Logo.jpg

The Heal a Hound fund of Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota is a permanent fund that was established in 2006 to help support individual greyhounds that come to GPA MN and require special medical care before going to their forever home.  GPA MN is recognized as the regional resource for bringing in dogs with special needs.

The resources donated to the Heal a Hound Fund are earmarked to help to cover the medical expenses that are above and beyond the normally anticipated expenditures for an incoming hound. This fund allows us to cover the unexpected costs associated with special medical needs. As you can see from the photos below, GPA MN has been able to provide extra support to retired racers in need of a wide variety of services.

This fund is sustained by the contributions of individuals who designate their donations to be used specifically for the Heal a Hound fund. If you would like to donate to the fund, please include the note Heal a Hound with your donation. 

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Past Heal a Hound dogs:

Photos of just a small sample of the dogs that have benefitted from the Heal a Hound fund over the years; all of these dogs are now living happy retirements with their forever families.

Left to right, top row:
Skiddy, treated for babesia, a tick-borne disease
Flynn, carpal ligament instability (painfully flat feet) and improperly fused carpal fractures
Eddie, a five-month old puppy who had slipped on the ice and broken his leg

​​​​​​​Skiddy HaH.jpgFlynn HaH.jpgEddie HaH.jpg

Left to right, second row:
Sergio, blind in one eye due to an injury and referred to a veterinary eye specialist
Gavin, torn cruciate ligament and post-surgical complications that required physical therapy
Elvis, multiple tooth extractions

sergio HaH.jpgElvis HaH.jpgGavin HaH.jpg

Left to right, third row:
Goldie, ovarian remnant syndrome
Sissy, emergency surgery for intestinal blockage
Sugar, shattered rear hock

Goldie HaH.jpgSissy HaH.gifSugar HaH.gif

Left to right, fourth row:
Roscoe, acute skin condition and orthopedic therapy
Curious George, acute skin condition, anemia, and GI tract ulcers
Phoebe, surgical repair of torn cruciate ligament

Roscoe HaH.gif

Curious George HaH.gifPhoebe HaH.jpg