Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota

Our Process

The GPA-MN Adoption Process

Our adoptions follow a multi-step process that helps to assure that every hound is a good match for their adoptive family.Greyhounds in Retirement.jpg

  • Step 1 - Prerequisites - Requirements that MUST be completed before you apply
    • Reading and researching the greyhound breed -  we want you to be familiar with the unique aspects of the greyhound breed, and the specific needs of retired racing greyhounds to know that this is the right breed for you
    • Attending a Meet & Greet - meet hounds face-to-face and ask questions of our volunteers
  • Step 2 - Application - The process of applying and being matched with "your" hound
    • Applying to Adopt: complete the online adoption application (Complete only after you have completed the prerequisites)
    • The Adoption Coordinator will review your info and contact you for an interview. After the interview, you will be assigned to an Adoption Representative. Your Adoption Representative will guide you through the remainder of the adoption process
  • Step 3 - The "Match"
    • Once you've interviewed and we know what you're looking for in a hound our matching coordinators will find the right fit for you
  • Step 4 - Adoption
    • Meeting your Match - once a match is made your Adoption Representative will make arrangements for you to meet the Gassy at Lake Harriet.jpghound that has been selected for you
    • Completing the Adoption - usually this happens when you meet your match, you'll sign the adoption contract, pay the non-refundable adoption fee, and agree to our conditions of ownership
    • Connecting with other Adopters - you can find GPA-MN on Facebook, you'll get added to our email list for periodic updates on events and other GPA activities, and we'll give you a lot of resources to find help, support, and friends among our GPA community.

Once you've completed the prerequisites and are ready to apply, click the link below:

Please be Patient With Us

Steve.jpgWe are staffed completely by volunteers who love animals and love having the opportunity to help these amazing dogs find wonderful forever families. We strive to respond to you in a timely fashion, and to be honest, respectful, and courteous in all our interactions. Please understand that our primary obligation is to the dogs entrusted to our care. While we realize that our screening process may seem extensive and may occasionally, and unfortunately, eliminate some good homes, it is a process that has been developed through more than 30 years of experience and we stand firmly behind it. Our experience shows that successful adoptions are achieved by carefully and thoughtfully considering each match. We also believe that greyhounds are special dogs that are worth the extra effort, and we think you will agree. If at any time you have questions or wish to discuss any part of our process, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. You can contact us here